Events and Activities of the Ommegang

Calendar of Ommegang Events – 29-30 June and 1-2 July 2022

The Ommegang Renaissance Village

29-30 june and 1-2 july, from 12:00 to 21:00

The Ommegang Pageant recreates a traditional Renaissance village to share with young and old how people lived during that bygone era, all in a setting full of history and tradition!
Travel back to the Renaissance: the public is welcome to explore this Renaissance village located in the Park Royal in Brussels and discover how the many artisans, living in the same type of surroundings and fashion of that era, practice the secrets of their craft, including acting as surgeons, barbers, working as blacksmiths, or forging iron.
It will also be the spot for a great test of knightly skills with the ever-popular jousting tournaments of the Ommegang, hand-to-hand combat between knights, and the recreation of civilian and military life for a band of mercenaries during the 15th century.
During all the festivities, the Haacht Brewery, the official supplier of the beer “Ommegang”, will be offering tastings of its “Ommegang of Charles Quint”. This top-fermented ale was specially developed for the Ommegang Pageant, and can be found in more than 5000 restaurants, pubs and cafes, the Drinks Car, and in Colruyt and Delhaize. 

Renaissance Market

29-30 june and 1-2 july, from 12:00 to 21:00

With the popularity and success of the Ommegang Pageant increasing in recent years, the market will be expanding its space in the capital! You now have more opportunity to meet craftsmen from all over Europe who will have various high-quality products on display. This is a great moment to offer or simply to discover traditional and historical hand-made goods being made by dedicated artisans.

Openin times :  12:00 to 21:00

Crossbow Archery Contest

29 June & 01 July 2022, starting at 19:20

The archery contest is organised by the ancient Grand Serment Royal and Noble of Crossbowmen of Our Lady of the Sablon, and the crossbowmen of the Great Guild Royal and of Saint George. Following long-established tradition, the winner of the contest will enter the Grand Place with the Golden Arrow during the Ommegang procession! Once Emperor Charles V “Quint” leaves the Church of Our Lady of the Sablon, the archery guilds will re-enact the historical procession which represents the very origin of the Ommegang Pageant.
19:20 – Assembly of the two Crossbow Guilds and march towards the esplanade of the Church at the Sablon
19:30 – Crossbow contest, and award of the Golden Arrow in front of the esplanade

The Procession

The advance Ommegang procession will leave the Park Royal a 20:40, and pass the Palace Square (Place des Palais), the Rue Royale, the Place Royale, the Rue de la Régence and the Bodenbroek Road, where it will be joined at the Sablon by cohorts from the guilds of crossbowmen, archers, musketeers, and swordsmen.
With the historical cortege thus assembled, the procession will leave the Sablon at 20:50 and pass through the following streets: Rue Lebeau, Place de la Justice, Rue de l’Hôpital, Place Saint-Jean, Rue Duquesnoy, Rue Infanta Isabella, Rue Marché aux Herbes, Rue de Tabora, Rue du Midi, Rue des Moineaux, Rue de l’Etuve, Rue Charles-Buls, until it reaches the Grand Place.
The carriage of Emperor Charles Quint will leave Place Royal at 20:15 and travel through the Rue de la Régence and then the Rue des Sablons. After a stop at the Church of Our Lady of the Sablon, the royal carriage will continue its journey at the head of the Ommegang procession.

The Haacht Brewery and its Ommegang ale

The Ommegang Pageant is proud to offer its very own distinctive beer, yet another excellent example of Belgian skill and know-how. This blond beer was created to underscore the close connection between the Charles Quint/Keizer Karel beers of the Haacht Brewery and the Brussels Ommegang.
It is a top-fermented ale having an 8% alcohol content, is based on pale malts, and is brewed with three varieties of hop. Its dry and robust character appeals as much to connoisseurs of specialty beers as to those favouring lagers.
The ale is characterised by a citrus aroma, floral and spicy flavours, and a complex but delicate bitterness to finish.

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The historical re-enactment of the gala fête on 2 June 1549, organised by the Magistrate of Brussels, and given in honour of the Emperor Charles V “Quint”, his son Phillipe, Infant of Spain and Duke of Brabant, and his sisters, Maria, Queen of Hungary and Eleanore, Queen Dowager of France (widow of Francis I) at the Grand Place of Brussels. Departure of the procession of the Guilds and Serments of the Sablon.

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